TBD - suggestions?

San Jose, California


Tea Location:
The Commodore's Apartment

San Jose, California 95126

What it it?
A tea party, of couse! Of the non-political variety. It's an opportunity to spend a few hours chatting with fellow slashers in a comfortable environment, enjoying all manner of High Tea-style treats, and generally having a good time.

Oh, you meant specifically?
This is an event is hosted for slashers, by slashers! All slashers and slash-friendly folks are welcome - any fandom, pairing, etcetera. Worried you won't know anyone there? Don't - you're not alone! We're a friendly group and the whole point is to meet new people and have fun.

Well, then what does it cost?
Nothing! No cost and no obligation. What we want more than anything is your company. But don't forget your appetite, as there will be plenty of tasty things eat and tea to drink!

But should I bring anything?
You're not required to bring anything but yourself, but if you can, a teapot - don't worry, you get it back! - to help us maximize the tea offerings, and any bagged or loose-leaf tea you care to share.

How about bringing food?
We would very much appreciate and love if folks would make or bring something delicious to share. Everything is welcome, but we're also happy to make suggestions.

So what's on the menu so far?
We're glad you asked! So far we plan on making the following items - and we'll add to this list as others offer to bring their own goodies:

Tea sandwiches
(cucumber, egg salad, roast beef, shrimp salad, etc.)
(with clotted cream, lemon curd, and butter to put on them)
Rainbow cake
Lettuce salad
Caprese salad

Tea Selection:
Earl Grey
Champagne rose
Gunpowder Green
Spice Trader Dreams
and undoubtably many more to come!

Notes on the location:
Please let us know if you have pet allergies - specifically to cats. There is one kitty resident of the apartment who can be kept confined if need be, and we can be extra-thorough with the vaccuming if you give us advanced warning.

Also, please note that the host apartment is on the 3rd floor of a building with no elevator. Alas, we are not handicapped accessible.

If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please contact Commodore Marie.



Join us for a day of tea, treats, and talking slash!