Please read over the details here before you fill out the registration form! Filling out the form constitutes a contract, and you will be bound to the terms included in this post. You will find the link to the registration form at the bottom of this page.


Terms, Conditions, Information, and Form:
Those of you not familiar with the ComicCon Rooming Co-op, it is exactly what it sounds like. I will arrange for the rooms for us so we'll all be together. We split the cost and therein save money, with the added advantage of being surrounded by nice, sane, like-minded people.

There are no obligations when staying in the co-op other than being courteous to your roomies and paying your share of the bill, though many of us will travel to and from the con and even just hang out together. If it is your first ComicCon, we provide a nice way to figure out what the con is all about so you don't feel too overwhelmed.

In brief, a usual "spot" in the co-op amounts to 1/4th of a hotel room, and 1/2 of a bed therein. You will have three other roomies. I do my best to match roomies based on what I know of their personalities, habits, and sometimes fandom interests. I cannot promise that you will become bosom buddies with your roommates, but I strive for general harmony and take all factors into account. Really, rooms are for sleeping, and the rest of the time you'll be romping around the con. You may also choose to have a bed to yourself if you prefer, but understand that economics dictate that this will double the cost.

As you will see on the form, you may indicate roommate preferences. I will do my best to honor these requests, but I reserve the right to use my discretion when placing members. If you have specific concerns not addressed in the application, I invite you to email me so we can discuss it.

All rooms are non-smoking. However, if you are a smoker you must indicate on the form and I will place smokers together in one room.

While it's not likely, if there is a shortage of spots, priority will go to those folks who have stayed with us before. That said, I will do everything in my power to book us more rooms if it looks like we're going to overflow, especially since the hotel has a marvelous cancellation policy. You will be notified if for some reason you cannot be accommodated, and I will add you to the wait-list.


The Hotel:
Please see the Hotel page for more information about our host hotel.


The Nights:
ComicCon begins with Preview Night on Wednesday, July 20, and goes through Sunday the 24th. There is a mandatory stay of Thursday/Friday/Saturday nights. Wednesday and Sunday nights are optional.

If you would like to stay additional nights, either before or after the convention, I may be able to make arrangements - please contact me directly to discuss.

The price you pay is based on how many nights you stay:

Thursday/Friday/Saturday nights: $210
Wednesday: +$70
Sunday Night: +$55

Any price alterations from night to night will be the result of less-than-full room occupancy issues.

Also, for those considering staying Sunday night, I highly recommend it. Leaving Sunday is a pain and you will enjoy the last day of con so much more without worrying about catching your flight or driving home exhausted. There are quite a few of us who stay on and have a good time eating dinner together, packing leisurely, and swapping convention stories.

You may view a list of the tentative rooming arrangements here. Please note that this is not updated instantaneously, so I do not guarantee its accuracy.


Making Your Reservations:
For the preservation of my sanity, an application form has been created to handle the gathering of details. You must fill out the form!

If you have friends who are not on my contact list but are interested in joining us, they must fill out the form themselves! One form entry equals one spot, that's it. Don't try to add them in the notes or text me to say they're coming, too unless I get a form from them, they are not on my list, period. That said don't hesitate to let them know about the co-op! This is a mutually beneficial set-up.

I will confirm that I have received your form within 48 hours of submission. If you do not receive a confirmation after two full days have passed, please email me.


Payment must be received in full at least one week before the convention. This is to safeguard both me and the whole of the rooming group against last minute no-shows, and also serves to relieve the major hassle of trying to collect at the start of the convention. It even makes your check-in faster! If you are new to the Co-op, you may be permitted to put a 50% deposit down, with the second 50% being due at check-in. If you would like to discuss payment, please email me.

There are a variety of payment options. You are asked to pay in one of two ways:

1. Payment by check or money order.
2. Payment by credit card.
3. Payment by PayPal.

In addition, you may pay in:

1. A lump-sum in advance by check, money order, credit card, or PayPal.
2. Installments in advance by check, money order, credit card, or PayPal.

If you indicate that you will pay via check or money order, I will send you my mailing address. If you are paying with credit card or PayPal, please note that you must include enough to cover the associated costs. Credit card payments fees are 3.5% of total, and PayPal information can be calculated here. I will also supply the fee total in your confirmatiory invoice if you indicate on the application form that you wish to pay via credit card or PayPal.

I will verify that payment has been recieved within 48 hours of receipt of PayPal funds or the clearing of your check or money order.


Cancellation Policy:
You may cancel with no penalty up to two weeks before the start of con. After that point, you will be responsible for your entire share of your room, and will be required to either pay in full your portion of the hotel bill, or find a mutually acceptable replacement guest who will stay in the hotel and pay in your place. I will do my best to assist you with filling the room spot so you can be refunded, but I will not force your roommates to bear your burden nor take it on myself. To cancel your spot, you must notify me via email immediately. I will confirm your cancellation within 48 hours.


Registration Form

Thank you!
Feel free to email me or comment here with any questions or concerns you may have. I'm not perfect, I may very well have left something out!