This year we are booked once again at the Days Hotel. We have been at this hotel for the past five... six... whatever number of years, and we rather like it. Because it is approximately five miles from the San Diego Convention Center, walking is not an option. The hotel is, however, a short walk to the trolley. The trolley lets out right in front of the convention center, runs a special ComicCon schedule, and is a great cheap transportation option. You can also take a cab, or pay for parking near the convention center. Update: As of 2011, the hotel is on the ComicCon Shuttle Line! Getting to the convention is now even faster and easier, right from the front door.

The hotel has a pool and hot tub and is within walking distance of the giant outdoor Fashion Valley Mall, which has a variety of eating options. Every room in our block will have two Queen beds, a mini-refrigerator, microwave, and all the normal stuff hotel rooms come with, including free internet access. The bathrooms are conveniently located with the sinks separate, in the main room, rather than in with the toilet/shower/tub. Each also has a reasonable amount of closet space, an ironing board, an iron, and a coffee-pot.

Days Hotel Hotel Circle
543 Hotel Circle South
San Diego, California 92108
(877) 899-9201

Check-In Process:
Official Check-In Time: 4pm

Arriving Wednesday or Thursday: The official hotel check-in time is 4pm, but generally I am able to get at least some of the rooms open earlier. You can pick up your keys at or around 4pm at the front desk, where they will be waiting under your name.

Arriving Other: You can pick up your keys at the front desk, where they will be waiting under your name.

Check-Out Process: 
Official Check-Out Time: Noon

Departing Sunday: Depending on your time and manner of departure, you will be able to store your stuff either in one of the remaining rooms or with the hotel itself. Check with me as to your options. If your room is not being used on Sunday night, you must be out and have all of your things out by check-out time.

Departing Monday: You must be out of your room by check-out time.

Departing Other: Please speak to me about storing your things if neccesary. You must be out of the room by check-out time if no other arrangements with me have been made.

Luggage Storage:
If you arrive before check-in, you can arrange to leave your luggage at the front desk. They will also store it for a short period after check-out, or you may arrange with me to leave it in my room if necessary.

Hotel Airport Pi
The hotel will pick you up from the airport. You must arrange these in advance, especially drop-offs! Give them a call at the above number to make arrangements. Please remember to tip the driver!

If you will be bringing your vehicle, please let me know so I make sure you get a parking pass. I don't think the hotel actually checks, but better safe than sorry.

Room Service, Etc.:
You may not order room service, request Pay-Per-View movies, or charge anything to the room whatsoever - this includes making non-local phone calls. If for some reason you need a fee-based hotel service, you may request it from me. I will handle the arrangements and you must cover the associated costs.

Images of the Hotel: